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  • The villa is located in the old town center, only a 2-minute walk to the city center and the river Una is located within the yard, right next to the outdoor pool.
  • The villa is luxuriously equipped with huge and comfortable rooms, guaranteed privacy, and a yard fenced with a high fence.
  • There are 3 bathrooms, 3 kitchens, and one huge living room.
  • The villa has 2 large terraces and one balcony.
  • The villa has three floors: 1st floor: bedroom (1 double and sofa), bedroom (1 double), kitchen (2 pull-out sofas (for 4 people), bathroom; 2nd floor: bedroom (1 double, 1 single), bedroom (1 double), bedroom (1 double, 1 single), kitchen (sofa for two, pull-out), bathroom; 3rd floor: bedroom (1 double, 1 single), bedroom (1 double, 1 single), bedroom (1 double, 1 single), bedroom (3 double, 1 single), bedroom (1 double, 1 single), bathroom.
  • The pool is within the house, and there is a restaurant and café right across the street.
  • All accommodation units have air conditioning, parking, internet, and outdoor seating arrangements on the terrace.
  • Capacity for a maximum of 30 people (200 EUR per person, from 3 to 17 people each person pays 200 EUR + 20 EUR per person (3 people 220 EUR, 4 people 240 EUR, 5 people 260 EUR, etc.), from 17 to 30 people the price is 500 EUR).
  • Additional activities: Rent a bike and ride on a beautiful and well-maintained forest path, Arabic tent, rent a car, walk to the elevation and beautiful view of the canyon of the Una River (possibility of organizing excursions to the viewpoint), and a walk to the source of water.
  • The entire resort is surrounded by almost untouched nature, so there is also a cave with waterfalls and a lake and a well-maintained path for walking to this location nearby.

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